Strength training and weight loss

Female strength training for weight loss

Have you tried various weight loss programs and fell short? So, you feel out of steam with your current weight loss program? Do not be alarmed, you are not alone in this. Sometimes, Cardio at the gym is simply not enough for your weight loss gains. Indeed, cardio is great for your heart and cardiovascular system. However, when it comes to weight loss, Strength training provides your body with unique benefits that go beyond the effects cardio provides.

Strength Training

Lifting weights makes your muscles stronger, increases endurance, and reduces the risk of injury. Alongside the physical effects, strength training gives your body, getting a stronger body can overlap in your personal life as well. It has been shown [1] that when women become stronger in their bodies, their minds become stronger as well. Becoming stronger boosts confidence levels, independence, and a sense of achievement in most women.

Even though weight loss is often associated with eating less and doing more cardio training, for a woman strength training is such an underrated method of weight loss. Strength training by lifting weights increases your metabolism and rate of calorie burn after your workout in ways cardio training can never achieve.

Benefits of Strength Training

As we have mentioned, Strength training has many benefits for your body. However, what exactly those benefits are? Does weight lifting help in losing weight? Is being a lifter good for the body? Moreover, does strength training help women who are looking to lose weight? Or is it just full-body training that helps in muscle growth?

To answer all of your questions, let us find out the benefits of lifting weights  [2] (aka strength training) in detail.

Fat Loss

When you lift weights, your body builds lean muscle tissue. This is important as lean muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat. Increasing muscle ratio in your body boosts your body’s metabolism. This means you are burning more calories throughout your day than when you do with less muscle ratio.

Increases your body’s strength

This seems like an obvious fact. Lifting weight increases your muscle mass, thus making you stronger. However, it does not make you just physically strong, it strengths your mind as well. When you go out and find that you can lift groceries with ease, do your housework without any trouble, carry your kids and play with them easily, all of these affect your mind in a positive way making you more confident and stress-free. Moreover, strength training helps your body making healthier and stronger cardiovascular muscle fiber, which means you gain a stronger heart.

Reduces injury risk

When you lift weights, you not only strengthen your muscles and bones but also strengthen your connective tissues. Those are the ligaments and tendons, which keep your body moving well on a daily basis. This reduces the risk of injuring your body while moving making you more agile and more comfortable.

Helps you stay young

According to studies, lifting weights enhances your cardiovascular health, bone health, lower your cholesterol levels, reduces lower back pain, improves your sleep, and reduces blood pressure. All of these benefits combined, will keep your body’s age young and make you appear younger. Moreover, it helps to ease the symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Female strength training for weight loss

Lifting Weights Vs. Cardio Training

Is there is a question that women always ask it is; what type of training should I prefer when I go to the gym? Cardio or Resistance training “strength training”?

Speaking generally, women of different ages do not devote as much time and energy to weight lifting (resistance training) as their bodies deserve. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of a study conducted in 2018, approximately 50% of American adult women engage in adequate cardio exercise. However, less than 30% meet the recommended minimum guidelines for muscle-strengthening activities. These activities include engaging in exercises like weight lifting, yoga, heavy gardening, and push-ups. The recommended minimum activity time needed for resistance training for adult women is at least twice a week.

So, to answer your above question. It is preferable that when you go to the gym you focus on resistance training more than you do for Cardio. It will help to get your heart rate up, making you build more muscle mass thus increasing your metabolism. This will help you lose weight and burn more body fat than you usually do with cardio training.

Myths that keep women from doing Strength Training

When it comes to weight lifting, many myths keep women from engaging in strength training. In this article, we would like to bust those myths so you can get to your resistance training with a new mindset that will help you to gain your weight loss goals.

Strength training will make you “bulk up”

This is a Huge myth regarding weight lifting. According to a 2017 survey [3], 52% of women in the EU think that lifting weights will make them bulk up. Well, let us put your mind at ease, this does not happen. Weight training makes muscles stronger, leaner, and better at burning excess body fat. It does not make them bigger since your body as a woman does not naturally have the high levels of testosterone that is present in males’ bodies that make muscles bigger.

You have to go to the gym for Strength training

You do not have to join a gym in order to perform strength training. Many available resources can aid your training from the comfort of your home. Online tutorials, DVDs, YouTube videos, and many more can make your life easier and training at home more enjoyable.

You have to use weights in all of your strength training sessions

Many women feel unmotivated to do strength training due to the simple fact they do not own any weights at home. They think that resistance training only can be done using weights. This can never be farther from the truth. Anything that provides resistance can be used in your training sessions. That includes weights, resistance bands, heavy household items like water bottles, or even your own bodyweight.

Strength training and weight loss

Strength training and weight loss

Weight lifting encourages your body to lose weight and burn excess body [4] fat at a rate that is more accelerated than aerobic exercises alone. Strength training increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means that your body burns more calories after finishing your workout than what your body burns when you do cardio alone.

The benefits of strength training continue even after your training session and last for several hours. This means you burn body fat while you are at rest. Your metabolism remains high after your strength training sessions. Which makes this, along with a healthy diet plan, the perfect weight loss program. If you combine your strength training with cardio training you will get the perfect combination to lose weight quickly and healthy.

Strength Training workout

If you are a beginner, bodyweight is enough to get you started. However, it will be hard to challenge your body without the addition of resistance, that is why in order to progress you will need some equipment. If you join a gym, you will find everything you need there. But, if you decide to strength train at home, you will likely need to invest in some basics to assist you during your training and provide resistance for your sessions. These basics are such as resistance bands, weights, and do not forget the exercise ball as well.

Try to have a range of weights:

a light set (1 to 5 pounds)

a medium set (5 to 10 pounds)

and a heavy set (10 to 20 pounds)

Along with an exercise ball, and some resistance band you would have everything you need to start your home strength training.


Beginner Strength training

You can get started by performing basic exercises. These require minimum to no equipment. Bodyweight exercises are a place to start. If you are not ready to invest in some weights, you can do your weight training using simple household items. Soup cans, milk jugs, laundry detergent, and water bottles all make great substitutes. This will kick start your weight lifting program very nicely and aid you in your long term weight loss plan. According to data from CDC you need to do weight training three times per week in order for you to stay healthy [5]. However, since you are looking to lose weight, you would need to increase your training intensity to four times per week. This will help increase your muscle ratio, which in return will help you burn more fat and lose weight.

When starting your workout session, there are some things you need to consider to maximize your gains and burn more fat

Start with a simple program. Your goal is to increase your muscle gain, rebalance your body mass, burn fat, and reduce your body weight. So make sure that your routine works for all muscle groups in your body.

Choose the right number of weights to lift. This might get tricky, however, you will know if that weight is perfect for you or not. If the weight you choose is too light that you perform your set with minimal effort, then it is not a good fit as there won’t be any progress. Likewise, if you lose your form and struggle with the weight when it is too heavy for you.

Start your exercise by warming up. Warm-up your body before using weights, even if you are only going to use your body weight in your session without any weights, start by doing some cardio first to warm up. This will decrease your chance of getting injured.

Focus on your form. Good form means that you gain the maximum from your workout session. Good form means training the exact muscle groups, which allows you to achieve your perfect body weight. Moreover, the good form lets you burn more calories as the muscles move the way they should do. Which helps in building muscle mass more rapidly and increase your muscle gain.

Don’t forget to rest. Your muscles need rest from time to time. To achieve your weight loss goals, your body needs rest as well. This means your workout program must contain enough rest and sleep times.

Change things up a little. It is important to change things up from time to time so you can maximize your gains. If you do a week of weight lifting, then it is good if you start the next week with an intense cardio training program. Then you can return to your regular strength training exercises. This will allow your body to increase its metabolism, and your muscles will thank you when you return to your strength training exercises.

Female Bodybuilding Supplements

Female Bodybuilding Supplements

Since you have begun your weight loss journey via Strength training. It is likely that you want to be sure you are getting the most out of it. As we have mentioned previously, weight lifting is a great training program to lose weight and re-balance your body mass ratio. Along with a suitable diet, weight training is your perfect way to build muscle mass, fat loss, and weight loss. These are achieved by having a perfectly curated training program. Not only that but your diet should be balanced as well. In order to meet your muscle gain goals, you need to eat more calories than you burn, consume more protein than your body breaks down.

It is also beneficial if you go for a female supplement that is curated for your body and needs. When you look for a supplement to take, you need to know the following information. Taking a female bodybuilding supplement will Not make you “bulk-up”. It is already a hard task for men with naturally occurring testosterone in their bodies. So, put your mind at ease, you won’t “bulk up” from taking a supplement, but you will develop lean muscles that are crucial in increasing your metabolism, thus helping you in your weight loss journey. This will help your weight loss program work to its maximum.


What should the supplement contain?

In order for your body to maximize its gains when taking a female bodybuilding supplement, this supplement should contain the following ingredients:

Creatine, which is basically the best supplement for muscle gains. According to studies, it helps increasing muscle mass in the body.

Protein, consuming enough protein is crucial for building muscle mass and lean muscle. Without enough protein, you will not be able to build any muscles.

Weight Gainers are products that are high in calorie content. They are designed to help your body consume more calories and protein.

Beta-Alanine, these are amino acids aimed to improve exercise performance. Some studies suggest they help to build muscle mass as well.

Branched-chain Amino acids, BCAA are essential to muscle growth.

Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate (HMB), these are essential in building muscle mass for those who are starting their strength training journey.

CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements

If you are looking for a 100% safe and legal female bodybuilding supplement that has absolutely no side effects then search no more. We present to you CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements. The

CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements help you gain muscle mass, lose fat faster, and achieve that sexy lean look you are aiming for.

CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements help you increase your muscle mass while still retaining your soft, feminine look. Avoid those calorie-cutting diets that will probably leave you weak and malnutrition and go for weight training to lose weight and burn body fat.

There is a myth that all steroids are bad for females, and if a woman takes steroids, she will turn into a she-hulk. Well, let us tell you there is nothing further from the truth than this. There are in fact some steroids that are 100% safe for women to take without turning into a man. The CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements only mimic the effect of male steroids without messing up your natural hormonal balance.

CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements are 100% safe to consume, it gives you the energy to push through your strength training workout sessions making you achieve your goals more easily and quicker.

CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements increase endurance and help your body burn more body fat quicker than any other known method. You can rest assured that by taking CrazyBulk female bodybuilding supplements along with a suitable diet and exercise plans you will get that body you have always dreamt about.

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