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Why use a fitness dating site?

How many times have you used a dating app, service, or website, matched with some people, went on a date with them only to find out that they are completely different from you? 

I bet it happened more than you can count. When you are interested in fitness, all of your life is based on that interest. Your sleep, diet, exercise, everything you do is to serve the purpose of leading a healthier life and achieve your goals. But it’s hard to do that alone, right? 

As humans, we seek connection. We are programmed to seek each other and seek romantic relationships with other people.

Over the past two decades, the internet has played a major role in the dating world. Before that, you needed to go out and seek other people personally. It was a hard process, and many people felt the pressure of the society to have a relationship as soon as possible, so they would end up “settling” with someone they usually would not date.

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The internet changed all of that. With many apps, websites, and online services. Now you can enter your preferences, your interests, and what you exactly need in the app, and the algorithm would pair you with your possible matches. And it is not different in the fitness world as well. As a fitness guru yourself you want to match with another fitness enthusiast. You want your partner to have at least the same goals as yours. You want a partner that will help you push yourself to achieve what you seek. And having romance alongside that, well I say you hit the jackpot then.

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Online fitness dating

In the fitness world, roughly four-in-ten online daters say that they have an overall satisfying and positive experience using online dating services. That is less than 50%, which is not acceptable at all.

There are many apps and online services that “claim” they are fitness dating sites, however, the truth is they are just like any other normal dating service. You as a fitness enthusiast yourself need a service that will make sure to match you with other fitness enthusiasts as well. And come on, it does matter to be paired with people of the same mindset. Otherwise, how are we going to have a special connection if our mindsets are different from our partners?!

But how to know if a service is good or not?! Online dating is not a new thing anymore, “we met online”, has become a common phrase as “we met at a bar”. And with the technology now, you deserve the best services there is. To know how much online dating is now common; according to Statista, it is predicted that the online audience will reach 37.5 million by the year 2023. That’s a huge number to ignore. Another study from Stanford University released in 2019 asserted that online dating currently is the most common form of dating in both the USA and Europe. It estimates that nearly 51% of couples across Europe and the USA have first met online.


Now that we got all the stats out in the open and established that there is nothing wrong with online dating, we bet you want to know any dating sites for fitness enthusiasts? Maybe you’re even wondering, are there any dating sites for fitness singles anyway?

Well, let us put your mind at ease, the are many dating sites for fitness singles. One search online and you’d find many results. However, the real question, are they really aimed at fitness enthusiasts? When you sign in to one of these websites, you find that it is filled with “normal” unfit people. There is nothing wrong with that, however, that is not the demographics you are looking for, isn’t it?

You went for one of these websites in the first place to find your perfect match. In this case, your perfect match should be a fitness enthusiast as well. Now, you might say that I’ll pay for a premium membership in those dating apps so I can have the advanced feature. Well, that is an option. But the real question is; will you get your money’s worth?

Many people had paid hundreds of dollars over the years for those premium memberships on dating websites and still, they didn’t find their perfect match. 

Well, the search is over, as today we are proudly present you with the solution for all of your dating problems. Our new website, Fitness Contacts ( 

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Fitness Contacts website

We are proud to present to you the Fitness Contacts website!  Let us ask you this; Are you ready to meet active singles? Do you want to find someone that can keep up with your active and passionate lifestyle? Well, search no more as you’ve found exactly what you are looking for. You already are living an active life, so it is expected that you want an active partner that will enjoy your hobbies as well as engage with you in these hobbies. Our community is filled up with singles who love to engage in outdoor activities, the gym, and sports. When you use our services, you can meet singles that are into fitness and adventure. You will be able to find dates that enjoy keeping fit, and find someone who can keep up with your adventurous life!

Community discretion and dialogue

When you sign on our website you will be a part of our discreet fitness dating community. We have forums and blogs about all things that can benefit your active lifestyle. Outdoor exploring, sports, going to the gym, yoga, powerlifting, basically whatever you are into, you would find that our community is talking about it. You can engage in the conversation, build relationships with other people, and thus find your perfect match as well. Yes, you still can browse profiles and swipe for those profiles that match you and if they swiped on you as well you will be matched. However, isn’t it good to also have conversations with a community that understands you as much as you understand yourself? According to studies from Stanford University, people who engage in conversation about similar hobbies have a 40% more chance of matching up than people who do not engage in such conversations. Moreover, you can also upgrade to a VIP membership for a fee that is less than that is collected by rival online dating websites, so you can have access to unlimited private messaging, photo galleries and see who has viewed your profile. Your profile will rank higher in user searches as a VIP member as well. And the process of creating a profile will not take you more than a few minutes. You do not need to be a web guru to create your profile. Just upload your photos, update your info, and let the magic happens.

Privacy concerns

When you go on an online dating website, your number one concern is privacy. You ask yourself, is it safe to share my information on this website? Is it safe to log in to these websites using my email address or social media information? 

Here at Fitness Contacts, we never share nor display your personal information with any third party. Moreover, we never use social media logins. We require all of your customers to create an account using a valid and accessible email address. By doing that we can make sure that your profile information remains discreet and more importantly secure. 

All of the profiles on Fitness Contacts are verified by our 24-hour customer support teams. So, you can be sure you will not find spam profiles nor any suspicious behavior from anyone. When you upgrade your membership and become a VIP member of Fitness Contacts, our site name will not show up on your bank information. This is our way of keeping your online profile discreet. No one needs to know how is your dating life is going, right? 

Here at Fitness Contacts, we offer you only genuine and verified singles for you to date. 

Whether you are looking for a man or a woman, when you use Fitness Contacts you are guaranteed to find someone with whom you can make new memories with. And possibly create a wonderful life together.

Creating a profile on Fitness Contacts

Creating a profile on Fitness Contacts cannot be an easier task. To create a profile, follow the following instructions:

  • Head to
  • On the home page, state your gender by choosing I Am a (male/female), then press next.
  • The next screen would ask you who are you looking for? So, choose your answer as well (male/female).
  • Then enter a valid email address. Make sure that your email is valid and working well because it will be the one that you would receive your login information on.
  • The next screen would ask you to enter your birthday.
  • Then the last screen would ask you to create a password for your profile. Make sure to create a Strong password with Capital letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters. It is recommended that you create a password that you only use on Fitness Contacts. 

Now you have created a profile on Fitness Contacts. Make sure to check your email inbox and to keep your login information safe. We recommend that you write down your login information on a piece of paper and keep it stored in a safe place.

The next step would be to filter enter some information about yourself. In the next step, you would be redirected to a screen in which you can choose your favorite activities to do. You can choose from:

  • Water Sports
  • Camping
  • Snow Sports
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Racket Sports
  • Ball Sports
  • Cross training
  • Equestrian
  • Gymnastics
  • Aerobics
  • Backpacking
  • CrossFit
  • golf 
  • Marathon
  • Basketball

Upon choosing what you like, the next screen would ask you to enter a login code that was sent to your email address, that you have provided earlier. Head to your inbox and search for an email from Fitness Contacts. You may want to check your spam/junk folder. And then it is recommended that you add the domain ( to your safe list. That way you will not miss any email sent from Fitness contacts to you. 

The next screen would ask you to create a username. This is the name that would appear on your profile. Make sure you choose something appealing and keep away from indecent names. Let us keep it civil. 

The next step would be for you to choose the age range of people you want to meet. Choose your age preference the way you like it. All members of Fitness Contacts are adults aged 18+

After that, the website would locate your location and choose the place you want to search for people around. This is not permeant and you can change your location anytime you want. 

Now that we got all of these things out of our way, it is now time to upload your photo. Make sure to upload a flattering photo, and keep away from filters. 

When you upload your photo, take a few seconds to write a profile headline for yourself. Keep it under 30 words. Make it catchy, flirty, and unique. Remember this is a very important first impression step.

Upon finishing you will be redirected to write a bit more about yourself. Keep it simple and limited to 50 words. Introduce yourself in precise, truthful words. Do not lie about yourself. Remember you are here for a relationship, and nothing good comes from lies anyway. 

Congratulations, now you have completed registration and are now able to use the website.

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Using Fitness Contacts

Now that you have an account on the website let us go and use it. The first page you would encounter is the home page. This is where you can post a status and start a conversation with other members. However, commenting on other people’s photos and status requires you to upgrade to VIP membership.

You would find another tap at the top of the page named “Meet Me”. This is the tap where you get your matches and get to like or dislike them. When you click on it you would go to the meet me page where you will find a picture of your match with some information about them. You would find their name, location, gender, and some personal information like why they are here, whether they are looking for a serious relationship or not, etc. You have two options, Like or dislike. To like someone, you simply press the blue heart icon, to dislike someone you press the red X icon. If the other person also pressed like on your profile you got a match and can start talking to each other.

Now that you are familiar with the website basics. It is best to start enriching your profile. Head to the “My Profile” tab, and start uploading photos of yourself. Upload photos that show yourself doing your passion, and demonstrate what you really like. Add your personal details. State what kind of relationship you want, and if you have a certain type you would like to match with. Be respectful, honest, and direct. You can also add videos to your profile. Choose a video of you doing your favorite activity, or a video of you identifying yourself showing people your sense of humor. 

Fitness Contacts customer support works 24 hours a day around the clock. Make sure, to be honest, do not lie about anything, and Never use media that you do not own. Doing that might result in you being banned from the website altogether and never being able to use it again. 

Now, I bet you are now ready to try the website for yourself and start your own journey. To join the site head to and start dating single people right now.

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